TALLINN, TELLISKIVI Creative City / 10-11 July

Interdisciplinary art and  Music festival





Synths and ghost pop with a sense of poise and drama.


The band with a flamed-headed frontgirl is signed by and under the wing of I Love You Records – the same label that flew Ewert and The Two Dragons into the international music sphere. In 2013 the band presented their debut album Saturnine, which was hailed as the best electronic pop album of the Baltic coast by a remarkable number of recognised music critics and bloggers and was warmly welcomed by British, Swedish and Danish music reviewers. The latest news help nicely to top off the band’s international recognition as Zebra Island’s newest singles “ Lights and Shadows” and “Jewels” are chosen to be included to BBC Radio 3 playlist.


As part of their tour Zebra Island have stepped on stage already in numerous festivals. The most memorable among them are gigs at the Tallinn Music Week, Loftas Fest in Lithuania, Positivus Festival and Summer Sound Festival in Latvia, and performing as guest band for Zola Jesus at Palladium arena in Latvia!


"While their debut’s name indicates a moody listening, Zebra Island's music is indeed influenced by dreamy pop and shoegaze style, although The Baltic Scene magazine described their style as “pre-historic future pop”. The vivid and bright vocals together with lively synthesizer sounds, beats and low-key guitar sounds form a sound of their own."

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